Due to the health contingency due to COVID-19, we want to share with you the preventive measures according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization and SECTUR that we must consider within our hotel.

  1. We have a safety and hygiene committee, who is responsible for implementing and training all staff on the new protocols, in addition to verifying that they are carried out correctly.
  2. We have sanitizing covers at the entrance of the hotel and each area.
  3. A sanitizing frame was placed at the reception, through which each person entering the hotel must pass.
  4. A temperature control is carried out on all the people who enter the hotel, both guests and collaborators.
  5. Our reception has protective screens.
  6. A disinfection of each receiving item is performed every half hour and / or after each use (pens, telephones, work station, reception bar…)
  7. Sanitizing gel is available in common areas.
  8. Signage required by SECTUR, where it is reported, the correct hand washing, the healthy distance, symptoms and total capacity.
  9. Disinfection of public areas, gym and rooms is carried out.
  10. All our collaborators have protective equipment.
  11. A maximum hygiene control is carried out in the rooms, nebulization to sanitize it, disinfection of all objects, special treatment products for disinfection.
  12. The menu from our restaurant is sent by WA, to whoever so requires.
  13. All dishes are washed at high temperature with specialized dishwashers.
  14. A healthy distance is established in all public areas.